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Find Duplicate Records in your Data

FDR (Find Duplicate Records) allows you to quickly and easily find duplicate records in your data. Simply paste your records into FDR or import them from a .txt or .csv file. FDR then processes your data, tells you how many duplicate records exist and the quantity of each. FDR also shows how may unique records exist. FDR then allows you you to paste the duplicate into another application or export them to a file.

FDR requires no technical knowledge and guides you through a two step process to find your duplicate records.

The Standard version of FDR allows you to find the duplicate records in data sets of any size.

FDR (Find Duplicate Records) will work on computers that use the Windows 2000 or later operating system.


Additional Information


What is a record?

Essentially, a record is single item within a grouping of items. FDR allows you to find duplicate records, which are explained further below.

In a list of five names, each of the five names is considered to be a record.

In a set of name and address information for your friends, the information for each person would be considered a record.

In a listing of financial transactions, each transaction is considered to be a record.

When using FDR, each record must appear on a separate line.


What is a duplicate record?

A duplicate record is a single item within a grouping of items and is the same as at least one other item.

Assume that you have a list of names that reads as follows:

Albert Smith
Barry Thompson
Charley Rogers
Albert Smith
David Peters
Charley Rogers
Fred White
Charley Rogers

In this list you have three duplicate records. These records are as follows:

Albert Smith (quantity of 1)
Charley Rogers (quantity of 2)


What is a unique record?

A unique record appears within a list and is different from all other items.


How many records can FDR (Find Duplicate Records) process?

The Standard version of FDR (Find Duplicate Records) can find the duplicate records in files (.txt or .csv) of any size. You can also paste data sets of any size into FDR and it will find the duplicate records. As an example, FDR can find the duplicate records (and unique ones) in files that have over 1 million records and tell you how many records there are, how many are duplicate and how many are unique.

FDR (Find Duplicate Records) includes a progress bar and estimations that show you much of your data has been processed and tells you how long the remaining processing should take.

If you want to find the duplicate records in smaller data set, feel free to download the Trial version of FDR, which lets you find the duplicate records (and unique records) in in files that have up to 100 total records. You may use the Trial version as long as you like and can process as many data sets as you like.


Does FDR provide any kind of reporting?

After you process a data set and find the duplicate records in it, FDR displays on your screen the number of total records, the number of duplicate records and the number of unique records. You may also use the Report fuction to generate a report that can be pasted from your clipboard into another application. This report shows the full path of the file you entered (unless you pasted your data), the total number of records, the number of duplicate records, the number of unique records, the date and time and other iinformation. You may use this report as evidence within audit workpapers and other documentation.


How long may I use the Standard version of FDR?

The Standard license of FDR (Find Duplicate Records) is perpetual and never expires. You may use the Standard version for as long as you like and may process as many data sets as you like. The Standard version entitles you to all future application updates.


Is FDR different from FUR?

While we market both software products differently, FDR (Find Duplicate Records) and FUR (link here) both allow you to accomplish the same tasks.

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